Melissa Nigro




Hey! I'm Melissa.

I like smart, strategic design that tells a story.

As an English major turned designer, I know narrative. I understand that everything from color palette to font choice tells the audience something vital about who you are. In my five years designing for several different theatre companies, I've created pieces that range from playful to provocative. I've designed everything from front of house signage to buttons, but my favorite projects are ones where I get to concept and implement a totally new brand.

LOCATION  |  Berkeley, California.

EDUCATION  |  Attended Kenyon College, and earned an Honors B.A. in English with a minor in Studio Art. I wrote my thesis on Peter Pan, so you can ask me literally anything about that book and I'll have an answer.

WORK  | Graphic designer at Bay Area Children's Theatre. I design (and sometimes illustrate) advertising for everything we produce, which this season included nine main stage plays, two baby theatre shows, four seasons of classes and several donation campaigns. I am also a staff photographer, snapping both publicity photos and shots of some of our shows.

In the past I worked for: