Melissa Kathryn Nigro
Melissa Kathryn Nigro




Hey! I'm Melissa.

I'm a designer, illustrator, & photographer.

In last five years, I've worked with several different theatre companies, to create pieces that range from playful to provocative. I've designed everything from posters to front of house signage to buttons, but my favorite projects are the ones where I get to concept and implement a totally new brand.

LOCATION  |  Berkeley, California.

EDUCATION  |  Attended Kenyon College, and earned an Honors B.A. in English with a minor in Studio Art.

WORK  | Art & Design Manager at Bay Area Children's Theatre. I maintain the visual brand of the company and ensure consistency and a high standard across all print, digital, and front-of-house materials. I design (and sometimes illustrate) marketing materials for each department, including print, online, front-of-house, television and radio advertisements. I also manage company photography and videography, including hiring contractors, organizing content, and creating brand guidelines.

In the past I worked for: