Melissa Kathryn Nigro
Melissa Kathryn Nigro


What I Write

I write short stories about how people try to gain power in disempowering situations, and deal with gender performance and expectations. I’m interested in people who are reckoning with their own families and history, and the impact that has on the community around them.

I’m working on a series of interconnected short stories set in a dying gold rush town. In these stories, I trace the histories and interactions of several families and explore their relationship to the land and each other. I’m writing about the way Californian history feels fragmented and incomplete, disrupted by constant migration and displacement. These stories explore how difficult it is to know when to make a home, and when to leave it.

Current Projects


“This is How You Love a Coyote” — The Knicknackery.

“Hardened” — forthcoming in Emerge: The 2018 Lambda Literary Fellows Anthology. You can watch an excerpt from the story here.